About Us

Troy and Luke are such good college buddies that we consider ourselves brothers. We both have a background in ethnic (and classical) music studies. Both of us fell into this project mainly because of a shared interest in the off-grid lifestyle. Plus we are both crazy enough to see this venture out.

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Luke is a world traveller. After studying at Wichita State University with Dr. JC Combs for percussion, he experienced many other cultural music in Ghana, Africa and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a rare and interesting talent with his art in percussion. The man can groove like no other and I always have a blast performing with Luke. -Troy

Troy has a semi-recent bio located at earth-jazz.com. His résumé can be download here (for print 34 MB). Also, check out Afinké Machine.com.

How did Monolith Ranch get its name?

It's simple really. There is a huge boulder located on the property. It was instantly called MonolithRanch from this point forward. No, it's not man made, but it sure looks great. If only we could use sound to levitate it down to the lower shelf. Too bad we don't have this technology like our ancient ancestors.

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