Fozzy in the Ozark Mountains (S1E2)

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We were driving through the Ozark Mountains in order to do a simple task: pick up our trailer. We are currently staying at a different cabin in exchange for improving said cabin one day a week for rent exchange. Our goal is to get our new cabin livable before winter. It's June now, so we might be able to pull it off before December? We're going off-grid so to speak. We could rough it all of the time on-site, but hey... we have a mostly finished cabin to enjoy and fix up for cheap rent. So, why not?

This video captures a normal day's drive through the mountains here. It's very rural with outstanding scenic views. The Ozarks are abundant with solitude and passion everywhere one looks. The multitude in colors of moss growing on small little bluffs, the humidity as harsh and textured as it is, the creeks and rivers flowing crystal clear on light tan bedrock, the inspiration for creativity here is boundless!

The drive starts off a little bumpy when we're leaving the beautiful cabin that we've been staying at. Our goal is to go and get some supplies to start building our shower and compost toilet. The drive to our homestead property, from the cabin, is about a twenty minute drive. Though it's a shaky camera, it's very representative of what we see everyday here. We hope you enjoy the views.

CST 2014-06-08 18:01:00
Author: troy/luke