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While out joy riding in the Subaru through the remarkable hills of the Ozarks, we stumbled upon signs on a road pointing to a place called "Howling Wolf Hollow Woodworking." Curiously we followed them down a very long mountain road. When we arrived at the beautiful workshop tucked way back in the hills we were greated by the owner Ron. Ron is the quintessential hillbilly that one expects to find hidden in these beautiful hills of solitude. He has a way with his charming jokes and his wife, Sydney, is a hoot too!

I was awestruck by the amazing crafting this man does. He has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve with the things created from his workshop. Ron crafts a wide array of items not limited to knives, dining room tables, cutting boards, pepper grinders, steak flippers, meat cleavers, and even walking sticks with hidden blades.

The art coming out of their shop is truly beautiful, but the most amazing part about their compound is the private wolf refuge. They care for some wolves that they have rescued over the years. It is really a special thing to see how Ron and Sydney interact with these wolves. Such a harmoneous relationship with their vision has clearly enriched their lives and the wolves' lives.

Some pictures of the wolves

Here's their website:

There are a number of their items up for sale at Howling Wolf Hollow Woodworking. I really want to buy one of their cutting boards!

Some of the items we have purchased:

Here are the pieces in our collection from Hollow Wolf Hollow Woodworking. "Sampson the Cat" simply would not let me take the picture without him in it. Sorry about that ;-)

This image shows the steak flippler, two knives, a meat cleaver, and lastly (but not least) Sampson the Cat:

Here's the meat cleaver. One will notice the patena and some light rust on the blade. From my understanding Ron uses scrap metal which is why his prices are so affordable. While at his shop I saw a number of knive blanks cut out of an old saw mill circle blade. Naturally with the lesser quality of steel that he sometimes uses, a light coat of oil on the blade will keep it from rusting. Think of these remarkable pieces as you would a nice cast iron skillet- as in you will never eat a better meal than one cooked in iron. The could be said in cooking with this cleaver. I love to cook and it is a pleasent experience using this cleaver for the heavy chopping of a self prepared gourmet meal.

Next are some pictures of the knives in our collection. I carried the bone knife for a day and surprisingly it was quite comfortable to wear for a larger sized blade than I am accustomed to carrying.

It was a joy using this steak flipper during the 4th of July celebration when we cooked up four ribeyes. I have never used one before this and I am reluctant to admit that it was easier to use than steak tongs. I only say this because I have used steak tongs my entire life. I just wish I would have found one of these things sooner!

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Author: troy