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Land Deal:

We are getting closer to finalizing the land deal. The surveyor has had a few problems getting the last line finished. So, he'll be coming out for a third time (hopefully the last) in order to finish up. Everything seems to be going well at this point. It's just taking much longer to get started on our project because of this hold up. But, I've read time and time again that when starting a venture such as ours, one will go through these types of headaches. It's just part of the process. Remaining optimistic is the most important lesson from this teaching. The extra time given due to these circumstances has actually been a blessing. I've personally contemplated the project in more detail. And, I have learned in myself that I really want this project to happen. Doing something like this is not for the faint of heart. One must certainly be committed!


Coming from a larger city, it has taking me some time to understand the rural side of life. But, what I have realized is that it is really no different then living in a normal city neighborhood. The only huge difference being that here, rurally, everything is much more spread out. The correlation between seeing the same people at the gas stations or grocery stores still apply. Instead of your neighboor's property being 200 feet away, it's possibly up to 200 acres away. Gas is definitely more expensive here in that regard. However, most people limit their gasoline usage and use land lines more often. It actually feels more community here- if I can say that? It seems much more easy to ask for sugar here, because everyone needs that interaction to stay sane. Do not get me wrong... there are plenty of recluse personalities here. But, even then, the neighbors here look after each other. It is certainly a pleasant feeling living here amongst such good people.

Do not get me wrong, having been around pickpocketers in Madrid or the shanty towns of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, one must still keep their guard here in the hills. Unfortunately, there's bad in every part of the world. Do not let me worry you. The bad is not any worse than growing up in a city with regular crime. Just don't assume a tourist vibe after your initial culture shock to any area. Know your boundaries ;-)

Poison Ivy:

Speaking of naiveness, I am full from head to toe with poison ivy. We were helping our neighboor with their clearing of woods to help get a wind turbine up. They warned me about all of the poison ivy. But, my feeling at the time was somebody had to weed eat it. So, I jumped in and cleared it up. However, now I'm paying the price. Was it worth it? Yes! They needed it more than my health. They really need to get that wind turbine up. These neighbors ended up cutting down a bunch of large trees for the project. We haven't been back to help, because we ended up having to hike up the hills on the rental cabin property to fix the cistern because our water ran dry. When we were up there though, we could here the mammoth crashing of timbers being dropped. It was a sound to be heard from a quarter of a mile away. I hope we can get back there to help them finish! They're really sweet hearted neighbors.

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Author: troy