Mouse in the Mailbox (S1E4)

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Living out here in the Ozarks always gives one surprises. Today we encountered a mouse that decided to call Luke's mailbox home. The poor little mouse was chewing up the mail to make a nice comfy and warm nest apparently. In the video, just as the mailbox is opened by Luke, one can see the mouse inside a piece of progressive insurance mail... hopefully that piece of mail didn't have proof of insurance cards ;-)

The video also shows us gathering stone to build our fire pit at Monolith Ranch. We decided to build a fire pit since we had the trailer with us. We had just gotten back from town with materials to build our compost toilet and shower house. Apparently on this mountain road, it's acceptable to collect stones from the road as they are a nuisance for other drivers. It seems that everybody harvests the stones from the roads around here. Too bad we don't have the technology that our ancient ancestors used when picking up and moving large monolithic stones.

CST 2014-06-11 14:10:16
Author: troy/luke